Lori Snyder, LCSW

Lori Snyder, LCSW provides counseling to individual adults, adolescents, and school-age children, couples and families.   She also provides consultations to organizations, staffs, and schools. When working with adolescents and children, parents are included  in sessions, based on need and family dynamics. 

As people are unique and have their own experiences, backgrounds, and preferences  as well as styles of learning and interacting, Lori uses a variety of therapeutic approaches and interventions.  Lori believes the therapy experience should be safe, client-focused, goal-directed and flexible Most clients come once a week or every other week.  Sessions are typically 50 minutes each.   

Lori approaches counseling from a systems-theory  framework, understanding that we are all not merely individuals, but are influenced by  the world around us; where we live, what we do, all of our relationships and we impact them as well.  She is sensitive to clients’ beliefs and values and works with clients to let those values guide their lives and decisions. 

Education, Licensure and
Professional Activities: 

Concordia University, Bachelors of
Science in Nursing, 1987. 

Washington University, Masters in
Social Work for
Family Therapy, 1992. 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(LCSW), Missouri.

Member, National Association of
Social Workers, since 1993.